The Wyakin Warrior Foundation was founded in 2010 by Jeff and Rebecca Bacon along with Idaho State Senator Marv Hagedorn, to provide a pathway for wounded and injured post-9/11 veterans to transition through education into careers of their choosing. One year later, in large part because of a generous donation by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, five veterans were selected as the inaugural class of Wyakin Warriors.  That August the Wyakin Foundation officially welcomed this class into the program.

Fast forward to today, and program retention and job placement rates remain world-class.  We see our Warriors to a graduation rate that is nearly twice the national average for veterans.  We are the most comprehensive program of its kind in the nation and the USO has named Wyakin “Best in Class” among their “Battlefield to the Community” partner programs.  The need for the program continues to be great as hundreds of thousands of veterans will transition from active duty service to the civilian community in the coming years, and many of them will face significant challenges as they reintegrate back into civilian society.

The Wyakin Foundation has grown, evolved, and matured in response to the needs of the population we serve, but the passionate and singular pursuit of our mission remains the guiding force behind our efforts.