Our History


Wyakin Foundation

The Wyakin Warrior Foundation was founded in 2010 by Jeff Bacon, Rebecca Bacon, and former Idaho State Senator Marv Hagedorn to provide a pathway for wounded and injured post-9/11 veterans to transition through education into careers of their choosing. In August 2011, the Wyakin Foundation officially welcomed its first class of Wyakin Warriors into the program. Since then, the organization has served over 165 veterans and is one of the nation’s most comprehensive and effective programs. 

Retention in school or training programs is about twice the national average, and job placement rates remain world-class. Wyakin has been named “Best in Class” by the USO, highlighted by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for its mentoring program. The need for the program continues as hundreds of thousands of veterans face the challenges of transition from active duty service to the civilian community each year. Our Warrior to Graduation rate is near twice the national average. 

The Wyakin Foundation is a charity of choice by the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Industry, a nationwide association of heavy truck parts manufacturers. We have twice earned the “Governors’ Brightest Star” award as the best not-for-profit organization in Idaho. In 2022, the Wyakin Foundation was awarded the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit of Excellence Award and  Outstanding Non-Profit Honoree for Idaho Philanthropy Day. 

The Wyakin Foundation has grown, evolved, and matured in response to our population’s needs. However, our mission’s passionate and singular pursuit remains the guiding force behind our efforts.