Supporting Wounded Veterans through the Wyakin Foundation

As a supporter of Wyakin, we want you to see the effect of your generosity.  We want you to know that we’re not about nameless, faceless veterans and vague statistics; we are about a group of brave, loyal human beings who’ve made great sacrifices on our behalf.  We are committed to a group of intelligent, focused, hard-working veterans who have dedicated themselves to finding renewed purpose in their post-military careers.  They are the next wave of marketers, programmers, engineers, counselors, and more.  Moreover, they’re the next generation of contributors, collaborators, mentors, leaders, and innovators.  It is toward this next chapter in their lives, this transformative experience of self-identification, and the contributions that they will in turn make to their communities, that your support is purposed.  When you partner with us to change lives, these victories become your victories as well.  Learn more about our financial stewardship in the Transparency section.

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Donate by Mail

If  you prefer to make a donation by check, please send your tax-deductible contribution to:

Wyakin Foundation
960 S. Broadway, Suite 260
Boise, ID 83706


Other Ways to Partner

The Wyakin Foundation is creating innovative “win-win-win” solutions across a variety of industries. By committing a portion of sales to support the Wyakin Foundation, companies can create awareness, cultivate customer goodwill, and increase sales while benefiting wounded veterans through tax-deductible support of Wyakin programs.  Several different cause marketing models exist to benefit your business.  Contact us to discuss cause marketing partnership opportunities.


Please note: As an independent organization, we are not managed by any other veteran organizations and we raise funds solely for our program and the veterans we serve. Our full financial records are always available online and we welcome any questions that you may have.