It's Our Turn to Serve.

Veteran transition presents challenges. Cultural and emotional forces can collide to make the process of transition into the educational and professional settings seem at times overwhelming. Physical and emotional wounds serve to further complicate matters.

With great challenge comes great opportunity. At the Wyakin Foundation, our focus is on strength rather than struggle. We emphasize the process of applying the cultural strengths of the veteran experience – discipline, loyalty, selflessness – to create success in the academic setting as a precedent for success beyond. We serve the men and women who have served us through expert professional and leadership development, strategic networking support, academic and career planning, and project management experiences designed to fully prepare wounded and injured veterans for fulfilling post-military careers through development of critical skill sets as well as renewed sense of purpose and self-identity.

Interested in applying for our program or joining our efforts? We’d like to hear from you. Explore our site or click here to learn more.

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