What is a Wyakin?

What is a Wyakin?

According to Native legend, a wyakin is a spiritual being that guides and protects a person throughout life.  As a rite of passage, adolescents were taken to an isolated location where they remained alone and vulnerable until visited by a wyakin (often in the form of an animal or bird) in a vision or dream.  Once the wyakin spirit had revealed itself, it stayed with the individual and served as a guiding force for life.

The Wyakin Mission

To serve as a conduit, connecting wounded and injured veterans to their successful and fulfilling civilian futures through education, development, and guidance.

The Wyakin Culture

We believe that by serving and sacrificing in the name of our safety and freedom, wounded veterans have earned the right not to a handout, but to our very best efforts to assist them in purposing their commitment and hard work towards a successful and fulfilling civilian future.

We measure our achievement not by statistical success, but rather by Warrior success.  The individual victories and accomplishments realized by each Warrior are ultimately the only measure upon which we can rightfully appraise our performance.

We push our Warriors when they need to be pushed, pull them when they need to be pulled, and walk side-by-side with them otherwise.  We illuminate pathways, ease burdens, and empower our Warriors to overcome obstacles.  We shepherd, motivate, advocate, counsel, inspire, challenge, and support. Neither ego nor bureaucracy nor frustration nor fatigue dissuades us from our obligation to give each Warrior our fullest and most individualized attention and effort.

We set our sights high and operate with the full expectation of success.  We prioritize trust, accountability, and commitment.  We establish high standards for the organization and even higher standards for ourselves.

Above all else we remember that ultimately we are not in the business of projects and presentations, nor of contacts and connections, nor even of seminars and stipends.  We are in the business of Warrior success.  Our programs are a means to an end; our operations and procedures are a vehicle whereby our Warriors can avail themselves to their fully realized potential, not by our definition, but by their own.