Jo Ann Daron

Director of Community & Volunteer Services

Jo Ann Daron developed and manages a the Wyakin Foundation volunteer and mentorship programs. She set the vision and strategy in place that today has enabled Wyakin to grow hundreds of volunteers engaged in improving the lives of those veterans we serve. She fully embraces Wyakin Foundation’s core principle of maintaining a small staff that can recruit, train, motivate and manage quality volunteers in doing the important work that is so essential to our veterans’ success.

Her vision for building this important volunteer organization was to blend diversity with strong personal development, including mentorship, peer support, professional development, crisis management training and program planning execution. She employs the talent and skills of volunteers ranging from high school and college students to business and community professionals. Our volunteers share a diverse generational profile. It has helped create a very personal and empathetic relationship between our volunteers and the veterans we serve.

Her extensive background in management and customer service has supported her leadership style of providing a clear vision, a coherent and practical plan to achieve the desired results, while demonstrating exemplary ethical standards, integrity and adaptability. Her job is about people, and relationship-building is her primary focus.