We’ve partnered with top subject matter experts to provide our Warriors with the highest quality professional development education available. Through lasting relationships with our Professional Development Partners, we ensure our curriculum is customized to provide an innovative approach to the professional skills that today’s workforce values most.

Abbey Louie

A leading voice in leadership and team development, Abbey Louie uses nearly two decades of professional experience to prepare our Warriors to foster highly-engaged, top-performing teams in the workplace through topics such as diversity & inclusion, emotional intelligence, and healthy team dynamics. Informed by her career in global talent development with The Boeing Company, Abbey is now a consultant, coach, keynote speaker, college instructor, and co-founder of Next Level Women Leaders.

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Brian Fretwell

Brian Fretwell’s work is all about helping individuals learn, understand, and apply brain based approaches to Leadership, Engagement, and Culture Change. Brian enjoys making somewhat intangible subject matter more tangible, logical and inspiring for all audiences. Brian’s book, “Experts of Our Potential” outlines how creating value and certainty in a post industrial economy has changed and what we need to do as individuals to thrive in this new reality. As a speaker and consultant, Brian has spent a great deal of time delivering in environments that have historically been a challenge for communicating the importance of “soft skills,” from nuclear engineers to coal miners, and everything in-between.

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