The Six Tenets


  • We create and encourage opportunities for Warriors to foster active and mutually beneficial relationships throughout the community as individuals and ambassadors of the Wyakin program.

Professional Development

  • We collaborate to develop individualized plans to address each Warrior’s goals and developmental needs.
  • We provide professional and personal development content that is both substantive and motivational in a format that engages Warriors in thought and action.


  • We provide community mentors that engage, challenge, and support the Warriors, and reinforce the concepts, obligations, and benefits associated with the Wyakin program.
  • We provide professional mentors with the capacity and desire to have a direct impact on the fulfillment of each Warrior’s career potential.

Educational Stipend

  • We afford Warriors the opportunity to earn a stable and equitable stipend towards alleviating personal financial challenges as an obstacle to success.

Community Impact

  • We avail Warriors to the full benefits associated with conceptualizing and executing a robust community service project through well-defined parameters governing the timing, scope and impact of the project.

Wyakin For Life

  • We maintain an ongoing annual dialogue with Wyakin alumni; monitor progress and engage them in the Wyakin mission.