Meet Wyakin Warrior Steven Wood

Years of Service: 2003-2010, US Army, Cavalry Scout

Units:  HHC, 2-7 & 1-12 Cav Regiment, Third BDE, 1st Cav

Stationed: Fort Hood, Texas

Deployment: Iraq (3)

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies, Minor in Nonprofit Management, Certificate in Leadership & Human Relations

Q: Why did you join the Army? This was shortly after 9/11, patriotism was high, a sense of purpose was high, Black Hawk Down had just been released, and a few buddies had recently joined the Army.  I’ve always believed in service to others.  At that age, many individuals don’t know what to do with their lives, serving my country seemed like a natural fit, it felt right.

Q: What was the best thing about serving in the Army? Serving in the US Army, gave me a life experience and perspective unlike any other.  I went into the Army without a true appreciation for what I had at home, things I normally took for granted were suddenly rare commodities, treasured and cherished. While that perspective was one of the greatest things about serving my country, I’d have to say it was the comradery that was the absolute best.  The type of relationships that are built among combat veterans, is not a tie easily severed.  We watched out for each other, took care of each other, and protected our country.  As members of a cavalry platoon, it was our job to get up every day, to go out and fight the enemy.  We had a mission to go out on reconnaissance, and safely return to base with vital information necessary to protect the entire battalion.  Finding individuals willing to walk through fire with and for you is a tremendous gift.

Q: Of all the things you’ve seen around the world, what one thing would you change?Honestly, I wouldn’t change anything.  I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that we are all put here for a purpose.  Who am I to want to change that purpose?  Can I honestly say that if I changed anything, I would still be serving the same purpose I am today?  I don’t think I could.

Q: What new, civilian career are you working on? My service to my country didn’t stop when I left the military.  I can still serve our country, our state, our community and have every intention of doing so though my new career in the nonprofit world.  I enjoy connecting people to needed resources.  I’m the guy in my old platoon, whom all my buddies come to because I’m so passionate about connecting veterans, and humans in general with resources they need.

Q:  What has Wyakin done for you?  If it wasn’t for Wyakin, I would have quit school.  Wyakin is the only reason I made Dean’s list the last two years of school.  Before Wyakin, I was failing out.  Wyakin gave me the structure I needed, to believe I could finish school.  I really hope more vets will find Wyakin and realize these guys will stick with you until the very end.