Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We are here to serve our Warriors, and we meet that obligation by giving each of them our best. We draw no distinctions based on branch, deployment, commendation, or any other distinguishing characteristic of their service. Similarly, their race, color, religion, gender/expression, ancestry, ability, or sexual orientation will never serve as the basis for giving less than our full commitment to see them realize their healthy futures. Each of them is equally worthy of our most dedicated effort to support their goals.

The same standards that inform our intent to serve our Warriors with absolute inclusion create in us a personal, professional, and ethical imperative to model this commitment throughout the greater Wyakin community. While discussion of these important ideals has always been part of the Wyakin program, we intend to continually improve in this area. Our words must translate into action. We are here to help our Warriors grow, which includes understanding that to disparage or marginalize an individual based on any attribute, expression, or socio-economic status – whether inherited or chosen – creates division where none should exist and compromises the fundamental truths upon which human dignity depends.

We are also committed to ensuring that our volunteers, mentors, presenters, and all those associated with our efforts to serve our Warriors clearly understand our principles and reinforce them through their circle of influence within our organization. We strive always to deliver the Wyakin program in a manner consistent with these beliefs. The intent of our efforts is not to “check the box,” but rather to engender a culture that incorporates our ideals on an ongoing basis.

The greater-Wyakin community is a family united by a single-minded goal to see every Warrior succeed. Viewed through that lens, creating a space where everyone is safe, valued, and supported is the only plausible course of action.