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Are you a veteran or veteran student looking for a community of support, expertise, and comprehensive resources to help get you down the path to your healthy future? Call or email us to schedule an appointment with George Nickel, Director of Student & Veteran Affairs. You’ll get the lay of the land, meet the staff, and learn what one of our three programs can do for you. Need more information first? Share your contact info, and we’ll reach out to you. Already sure we’re a good fit for you? Complete an application, and we’ll contact you to discuss your next steps. 

Choose Your Path

Classic Wyakin Program takes the mystery out of transitioning from the military into a traditional college education and beyond. Delivered through the bedrock of our Six Tenets, we’ve engineered a program that meets each Warrior’s unique needs. With a strong focus on professional careers and success, ultimately, we measure success as the veteran defines it. Rooted in the philosophy that each Warrior is much more than a veteran, we serve the “whole person” and focus on their robust, healthy futures. The Classic program supports veterans seeking 2, 4, and post-graduate degrees.

Wyakin Works Program provides a clear path forward for veterans coming out of the military with a practical alternative to those who have decided that a traditional college education isn’t for them. Wyakin Works provides transitioning veterans with comprehensive support in pursuing vocational trade skills. This program offers a quicker time to employment, as many skilled trade certifications can be earned in as little as 12-18 months. Finding a long-term, enjoyable career is a critical component of Wyakin Works. (e.g., Plumbing, Welding, Journeyman, Diesel Techs, Culinary Arts, and more).

Wyakin Wheels Program or commercial driver’s license track is the quickest path to career placement. The training provides one-to-one instruction and in-house skills testing. The shortage of qualified drivers in the career field allows for a wide range of placements, whether the veteran is seeking local driving opportunities or long-distance over-the-road driving.




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Life as a Wyakin Warrior

What happens when you’re accepted into the program?

George Nickel

Your Journey

You’ll meet with George regularly to discuss your needs and how we can best support them. He’s available to troubleshoot challenges, work through an important decision, or talk. He’ll also track your academic performance and your engagement in the Wyakin programs and help with course corrections when needed. George is a veteran, a Wyakin alum, and a licensed Social Worker. He’s also an expert in veteran resources, and he’ll find you the support you need when you need it. George will help you decide which program path is best for you; The Classic Wyakin Program or Wyakin Works.

Personal Connection

To provide support and accountability on your journey, you’ll be paired with a Community Mentor when you join the program. Wyakin recruits the best mentors from our community- they are knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated to seeing you succeed. Your mentor’s role is to be a sounding board and another trusted person with whom you can openly engage about what is going on in your life. Mentors use their experience and wisdom to guide, challenge, inspire and support you on your professional and personal journey.

Supporting Your Goals

Even with education benefits from the VA, the cost of an education or skilled trade certification can be a burden and can take your focus away from academic performance. Your active engagement in the Wyakin program comes with eligibility for a monthly grant to help offset some of the costs of attending school. We also offer an emergent grant program should an unexpected life cost arise or an academic or professional pursuit you want to take advantage of but cannot afford.

Your Career & Professional Development

Professional skills need some work? Need help with career planning, resume writing, interviewing, salary negotiation, and career advising? We have various services to help hone those skills and prepare you for long-term careers once you graduate. Alice Pyle, Wykain’s Career Development Coordinator, will help you with everything related to professional development. Take advantage of our once-a-month Professional Development Series presented by our Career Development Partners, giving insight and learning on many professional topics to better prepare you for the civilian workforce. 

Building Resources

Paired closely with our career and professional development programs are opportunities to network- with your peers, community members, and professional contacts. We’ll coach you to talk with new people in any productive, meaningful, and professional setting. As you approach graduation, you will be paired with a Professional Mentor- someone in your desired career field to provide critical knowledge about how to enter and succeed in your career of choice.

In The Community

We’re big on the community here at Wyakin, with your fellow Warriors or the greater community where we live and work. Every Warrior engages in the community through a Wyakin Community Impact Project. With guidance and coaching from our staff, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in the community while developing critical skills and community contacts.

The Whole You

We know that you are more than just what you’re studying or the career you’re pursuing. You’re a complete person; we’ll support you with that in mind. We provide many opportunities to connect- staff, Warriors, and families, as friends, not just as program participants. We have barbecues, play volleyball and cornhole, volunteer, have fun, and above all, we’re there for you and each other. Wyakin ensures we have a full schedule of wellness activities and organizes staff training. Hence, we’re well-versed and current on issues that can arise in our Warrior’s lives and affect them emotionally and psychologically.

The Long Run

Our Wyakin for Life alumni program means you’re never alone. If you’re mulling over a career change, considering grad school, or dealing with an unexpected personal challenge, we’re never far from you. No matter how long you’ve been an alum, we care about you as much as we did the day you entered the program, and we’re still here to help.


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The Classic Wyakin program application process is open to post-9/11 veterans currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a certificate- or degree-earning academic program, prioritizing those with a VA Disability Rating. The Wyakin Works program application process is open to all veterans, regardless of VA Disability Rating, seeking certification and training in a Skilled Trade Profession. Finally, the Wyakin Wheels program is for veterans wanting to gain their Commercial Drivers License or CDL. Application decisions are not based on prior academic standing or background but on character, motivation, and need. If you meet these criteria, we encourage you to apply here.