An Aftermarket Pat on the Back

Truck Parts & Service Magazine

By Lucas Deal

One thing that’s always impressed me about heavy-duty trucking and the aftermarket is its generosity.

This is a people business, yes, but I highly doubt every industry that makes that claim can back it up like we can. People in this industry truly enjoy helping others.

You see it at HDAW , where rival sup- pliers and distributors come together as one to help address the biggest issues facing the aftermarket. You see it at TMC, where OEMs and end users get together and create best practices — not only for their individual operations — but for the trucking industry as a whole. For the common good.

You even see it monthly in the pages of this magazine.

I’ve never interviewed a source since I started at Truck Parts & Service that was required to speak to me.

Every source in this publication volunteers. They take time out of their busy schedule to talk to me, and to help me write articles to inform, educate and assist others in this industry.

I cannot say enough how grateful I am for that, and when I compare that generosity with what I saw from you all last month at HDAW, I can only stand and applaud. [Read More]

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