Alexander Crown – Director of Marketing, Gemtech

Alexander Crown, Director of Marketing, Gemtech Inc.  


Alexander Crown was the first graduate of the Wyakin Foundation Program and has become a model for what the program is capable of accomplishing. Alexander served in the United States Army and was stationed at Ft. Richardson, Alaska with the 3/509 Parachute Infantry Regiment. While deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Alexander acted as a radio operator for Scout and Sniper teams. In the fall of 2007, Alexander was critically wounded by an enemy IED. He was able to overcome his wounds and medically retired from the Army in December 2008. In January of 2009, Alexander began his journey towards a higher education at Boise State University. In four years, Alexander achieved his goal and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Upon graduation, Alexander was hired as an entry level technical support specialist with Gemini Technologies, a Boise based manufacturer of silencers.  After three years of hard work and continued support from the Wyakin Foundation, Alexander has become the Director of Marketing and a leading industry expert.