The Wyakin Foundation doesn’t want to just keep up with the times – we want to be ahead of the times and do what’s right from the start. We’re affirming our honor of Veterans by doing a simple but momentous thing – capitalizing the word “Veteran” in all we do, from here on out. 

If you are interested and scan the web for references to Veterans, you may observe that many of them aren’t capitalized – with the exception of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). The agency’s style guide has committed to capitalizing, and therefore honoring Veterans. They acknowledge the word Veteran is a common noun, but we at Wyakin want to acknowledge it as an honorable noun. 

What do Veterans have to say about it?

At Wyakin we believe talking about Veterans isn’t enough – we need to talk to them and solicit feedback to create true dialogue. When polled, a group of Wyakin Veterans indicated their preference with 71% of respondents affirming they believe ‘Veteran’ should be capitalized. Here is the breakdown of their responses:

Outside of this, some also chose to provide some additional feedback, such as:

  • US Veteran, rather than Veteran
  • Capitalize when addressing a specific person only
  • Depends on the context

Now come with me back to the Wyakin Foundation, and let me demonstrate how we will lead from the front and do what’s right. By capitalizing Veteran, we are telling the reader we are talking about an important cause and population, as well as drawing attention to their stories, needs, and successes. Most importantly, we are bestowing the honor deserved on those who served. As the first Veteran service organization in the Treasure Valley to take this affirmative step, we wondered why we hadn’t done it sooner. 

What do you think?

We also want to hear your thoughts as a reader, and we invite you to take the same poll