Meet Scott Emmart!

Scott is a United States Army veteran. From 1982 to 1986, he was an E1 – E4 Combat Engineer 1st Cav Division Texas and 8th Engineer Brigade Europe. From 1986-2004, he was in the Army Reserve E4 – E8 12B 321st Engineer Battalion in Boise, Idaho. In 1988, he joined Micron Technology in Quality Assurance – Customer System Engineering. He has been with Micron ever since and is part of Micron’s Veteran Employee Resource Group.

He enjoys volunteering at the Idaho Veteran’s Home, at the Veterans’ Day Parade, at the Idaho Food Bank, Toys for Tots, K-12 STEM programs, and of course, the Wyakin Foundation!

“Why Wyakin? Wyaknot? I am a big advocate of helping those who are helping themselves and they might just need a little direction. I see reasonable support for Vets that are in bad shape and really need that help. I support those groups wholeheartedly. The group that seems to receive far less support is the group of motivated vets in transition that are just overlooked as they are seen as “functional”. I want to see this group as “Successful” and imagine this group of vets becoming successful, in turn, they become the generation that provides direction and support to the next group of vets and so on. Wyakin believes in this strategy as one of its main pillars. The Wyakin pillars are set up to create perpetual renewal and lift generations of veterans in this situation for the foreseeable future. That is why I am investing my time with Wyakin and the Warriors.

Scott Emmart and Juan Garcia at the Wyakin Foundation induction ceremony 2021. Scott and Juan standing in front of plan at Warhawk Air Museum.