Volunteers are at the heart of everything the Wyakin Foundation does. Our mission would not be possible without their passionate support. With a small staff, volunteers often fill the gaps that staff cannot meet. 

There are so many ways to volunteer with the Wyakin Foundation and we believe in empowering our volunteers to share their time in ways that match their passions and their talents. 

Here are some ways our volunteers make a difference: 

Mentorship is one of six tenets and every mentor in our program volunteers their time. Mentorship has a lasting, positive impact on the lives of our veterans and their families. The community mentor gives an hour a month, often for 2+ years! Professional mentors provide key insight into specific industries. Check out some of our other blogs to meet some of our mentors! We like to spotlight one mentor a month.

Professional Development/Community Impact: Volunteers have helped make our interview consulting possible, supported Professional Development Seminars and Community Impact Projects, attend events, and so much more.

Wyakin for Life: Alumni of the Wyakin Foundation often are one of the first to raise their hand and volunteer at events or mentor the next generation of Warriors. The Wyakin Foundation board has an alumni spot so we can continue to improve based on the feedback of those who have been through the program. 

Administrative Support: Volunteers help enter data, write thank you cards, do filing, scan and shred documents, and so many other critical office tasks that support the staff. Administrative volunteers are nonprofit superheroes! 

Event Support: The Wyakin Foundation has 4 events in 2023 that will require volunteers. Volunteers provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests by ensuring a smoothly run event. Without successful events, we would not be able to continue our mission. 

Grant Writing: Grant writers share their strong writing skills to tell Wyakin Foundation stories and secure key funding. We are always looking for volunteers to support our grant-writing efforts.

Special Skills: Volunteers with special skills like photography, graphic, design, and videography, are key to the work we do. Lisa Jordan with Cre8 Studios LLC volunteers her time to take headshots for our Warriors and capture some events. Chef Merrick, volunteered his time to donate a meal at Guardian Ball. Cat Pellegrini with Pel Appino Catering was a Professional Mentor but also offered her services at Wyakin events.

Thank you to ALL of our wonderful volunteers. We truly couldn’t do this work without you. No matter what role you fill, you make a difference that lasts a lifetime.