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January to March Snapshot:

  • 8 New Warriors
  • 1 New Graduate – Congratulations, Bryan Vassar! 
  • 15 New Mentors/Volunteers
  • 179 Volunteer Hours
    • March Hours alone: 84
    • Not counting Mentor hours given
    • Volunteers helped with office support, tutoring, social media, events, photography, and blog writing.

Meet our newest Warriors!

Nancy Caberos, US Navy

NNU – BSN, Nursing

Christopher Krull, US Army

U of I, JD/MBA

Jeffrey Greenhouse, US Navy

CWI – AAS Mechatronics

Landen Walker, US Army


Adam Stallings, US Navy

NNU – BS, Wildlife Biology 

Alexander Scarlett, US Army

BSU – BS, Biomedical Engineering

Sailor Nelson, US Army

BSU – BS, Psychology

Wyakin Wheels Update

Meet Emanuel Lockwood and Andrew Clemmer. Two of our most recent Wyakin Wheels Warriors in San Antonio, Texas.
Emanuel Lockwood (Left) is an Army veteran from Cleveland Ohio. “Manny” is completing his CDL training to become a local driver in the San Antonio Metropolitan Area. 
Andrew Clemmer (Right) is a US Air Force veteran of 5 yrs. Serving as a Security Forces member, he has conducted Fly Away Security Team (FAST) Missions in the middle east. Andrew having completed his training at Star CDL Training school in San Antonio, is now seeking employment as an over the road truck driver.
The average cost of a CDL is $5,500. The Wyakin Foundation will fully cover the cost of a CDL for veterans but we need your help to make that a reality. 

Mentorship in Action

Kim Reeves
Co-Founder and CEO of Legacy US

This was possibly the biggest AHA I’ve gotten from my interactions with Kim. I joked with Kim right after that conversation, that it felt she had held a mirror up to my face, and that I saw it “too clearly” in that moment.

-Jason Farley
Jason Farley, United States Marine Corps
Western Governor’s University – B.A. Accounting 
Owner of Liberty Ledgers 

Time and time again, we hear from the Warriors how powerful mentorship has been in their transition. This story comes from Warrior/Mentor pair Jason Farley and Kim Reeves.

From Kim:

“Last week, he mentioned he needed to get out and do more networking to get clients but he was having a hard time making himself do it. In my experience, usually when people say they are committed to something but have a hard time following through, there’s an internal conflict in play (they are not aware of) that prevents them from taking action — they just feel stuck and frustrated. So I asked Jason what his definition of networking was. He thought for a moment and said it was to meet people in order to get them to be a client or to get referrals from them. I asked, anything else? He said to form genuine relationships with people. He said getting to know people and who they really are in a relaxed way with nothing contrived (his words). So I asked him if, based on his own definitions, there could be a conflict in how he defined networking  (a highly contrived setting with “in order to” agendas) and expecting the result to be forming genuine relationships that are not contrived, especially because most people can sense if you’re talking to them only because you want something from them. I could hear the lightbulb click on in his brain. So we worked together to help him redefine networking not as a chore or manipulation but something fun that leads to simply meeting people, and not just at “networking events” but at the grocery store, gas station, just in daily life. I gave him a few examples of how my company networks as it’s a primary driver and reason for our success.

Jason Feedback

This was possibly the biggest AHA I’ve gotten from my interactions with Kim. I joked with Kim right after that conversation, that it felt she had held a mirror up to my face, and that I saw it “too clearly” in that moment. I’ve been looking forward to our meetings. The breadth of her experience is such that she seems to have a story for every situation, wisdom and inspiration for every obstacle, real or perceived. 

A few days after this, I went to a real estate investing workshop and met a few investors, realtors, and bankers, and just focused on learning about investing and being genuine. 

Letter from the Executive Director

Here at the Wyakin Foundation, we kicked off the year just like we finished 2022, supporting more and more veterans as they strive towards success as they define it. In 2022, we had the largest Induction Class of 40 Veterans and our highest enrollment ever at 60 Warriors. We are back at it in 2023 with ambitious goals ensuring that we continue supporting our veterans with one of the most comprehensive veteran transition program in the Nation. 

I’m excited to announce that we’ve enrolled ten new Warriors this year, each pursuing success in one of our three great programs, Classic Wyakin Program, Wyakin Works, and Wyakin Wheels. In 2022 we officially rolled out our Wyakin Works and Wyakin Wheels programs, allowing us to reach even more veterans. For the first time ever, we have a waitlist. We believe it is because of our multiple options for a successful and meaningful career. We tell our Warriors to “Choose Your Path,” and they are in higher numbers than ever. 

By May 2023, the Wyakin Foundation will have six Warriors graduating from college, one earning his A.A.S. in welding, and four becoming certified CDL holders and moving into long-haul trucking. In total, twelve new veterans who are prepared and ready to take on career success!

Without the continued support of our donors, corporate partners, foundations, individual donors, and you, we wouldn’t have twelve Warriors taking their next steps toward success. To keep up with the demand of veterans wanting to join the Wyakin, you and your purposeful generosity continue to help these brave warriors transform their lives and discover their full potential. Please let me say, “Thank You”!

Today, we invite you to share your love and compassion with those who seek encouragement, mentorship, and support by joining our monthly giving program. Just $10 a month can provide comprehensive support to ensure our Warriors’ futures are brighter. 

God Bless,

Cory Rodriguez

Executive Director

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