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Professional Development Series Recap

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Professional Development is one of the Wyakin Foundation’s Six Tenets. Through professional coaching, we provide professional and personal development that addresses the soft skills that employees are seeking and follow through with comprehensive career planning and facilitate community connections valuable when searching for employment. The purpose is to help our veterans narrow the gap that may exist between their military experience and a civilian career.

We offer monthly Professional Development Seminars (PDS), welcoming guest speakers who present on a wide range of topics. Over the last three months, we had the fortune of hearing from Lee Scott. Lee Scott is the Founder and Chief Change Agent for Unleashing Leaders Inc. Founded in 1997, Lee has unleashed over 28,000 leaders across many industries through coaching, consulting, and training.

 “Unleashing Your Leadership with and without Authority” was a three-part series that covered:

  • Model the Way – 4 core roles of a team, 5 exemplary leadership practices, finding voice by solidifying toward and away values.
  • Inspire a Shared Vision and Challenge the Process – how to clarify and communicate a shared vision, how to get people involved, and how to anticipate and navigate common resistance tactics.
  • Enable Others to Act and Encourage the Heart – how to contribute and share workloads, how to delegate, and how to integrate and apply the 5 practices into workplace scenarios.

What portion of the content did you find valuable?

“Lee’s presentation was so engaging and informative. Everything he taught was valuable and inspiring.”

“All of the content was valuable, particularly enabling teams through results, accountability, commitment, conflict, and trust.”

“It’s important to take time and acknowledge/recognize your team. Figure out personal keys.”

“4 steps to delegating a task.”

“The cycle of change. It helps to break down how to move from one step to the next.”

“Utilizing the five functions of high-performing teams to diagnose breakdowns on my own team.”

“It’s always good got have strategies for dealing with adversity both personally and professionally.”

“Always remember my own ‘why’.”