The 6 Tenets

There are six major tenets of the Wyakin Warrior Foundation’s program:

MULTI-FACETED MENTORING PROGRAM: We provide up to five mentors per Wyakin Warrior who are individually tailored to meet each Warrior’s unique needs.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Individual Development Plans by which staff and volunteers help mentor and coach the warriors toward their goals; and monthly seminars by leaders in business, government, and community service fields.

EDUCATIONAL/FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: We can complement GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation assistance for up to 60 months

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT: To demonstrate opportunity and ability to become servant leaders and role models.

ROBUST NETWORKING: Designed to facilitate job placement.

ANNUAL PROACTIVE FOLLOW UP: To monitor, and assist if necessary, personal and professional situations (Wyakin Warrior for Life).